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Eternal Wood
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ПВХ. Винил. Линолеум. Рулоны, плитка.
Страна: Германия
Наличие: В наличии
Производитель: Forbo
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+7 (499) 394-26-92
Eternal Wood - гетерогенный линолеум
Eternal Wood has been developed to offer the natural, authentic look of a wooden floor and the advantages of a high quality vinyl floor. All Wood items have a rustic look and true to nature effect with clean Wood embossing. Because of its wooden structure, it is applicable in almost every environment.
10232 dark walnut
Thickness 2 mm
Wearlayer thickness 0,7 mm
Length x width ± 25 m x 200 cm
NCS S 5020-Y40R
LRV 18%
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