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Sarlon acoustic vinyl
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ПВХ. Винил. Линолеум. Рулоны, плитка.
Страна: Германия
Наличие: В наличии
Производитель: Forbo
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+7 (499) 394-26-92
Sarlon acoustic flooring
..takes sound reduction to the next level
Reducing noise pollution to a minimum can prevent adverse effects on the human body, such as sleeping disorders, stress, headaches, memory loss, aggressiveness and learning difficulties. That’s why acoustic performance is essential when designing a building.
30 Years of experience in acoustic floor coverings
Acoustic floors are key when it comes to reducing noise in buildings. Forbo Flooring is a specialist in acoustic floor coverings with more than 30 years of experience. We have specific industry knowledge that allows us to deliver
best-in-class acoustic floors for every application.
Maximize impact sound reduction
The floor coverings in the Sarlon acoustic vinyl range have been developed and tested to maximize impact sound reduction while meeting the needs of heavy traffic commercial areas. To suit all types of applications, our Sarlon acoustic vinyl range offers 2 levels of impact sound reduction: 15dB and 19dB.
Sound reduction versus residual indentation
Each one of our floor coverings takes 2 key criteria into account: Impact sound reduction & residual indentation.
Sarlon 19 dB
Our Sarlon 19dB floors are offering you the best possible acoustic properties for any project, at a residual indentation that is the best in the industry for this type of floor covering.
Sarlon 15dB
When the requirements are tough, rollability is key and heavy loads will occupy the floor. Our Sarlon 15dB floors will give you the best possible solution in acoustic floor covering with very good residual indentation resistance.
Circumstances will dictate what works best for your project. Forbo can guarantee you get the best solution there is in an acoustic floor coverings.
New design concept
The added value created for the new Sarlon design concept comes from listening to market requirements and customer needs and to show the best designed, but also very functional, acoustic flooring range in the market.
Our new Sarlon collection is a balanced and mature range that will seduce to think about opportunities for use. Not just by offering some of the most exciting designs in the market, but also by offering choice in colour, combinations and the relevant product construction for any acoustic flooring requirement.
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